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SRT Armaments Division of D.H. Melton Co., Inc specializes in the manufacture of muzzle suppressors and integral suppressor conversion of various rifles and handguns for Military, Government, and Civilian users. We are a registered DoD contractor, and our CAGE code is 3Z2Y3.

Designing and manufacturing suppressors since 1996, we have developed a specialized knowledge in gas fluidics, sound attenuation, and the working of stainless steel and aluminum. We strive to offer personalized, custom service, competitive pricing, superbly made products, and reasonable project completion time. We make it a point to have registered suppressor tubes in stock at all times. SRT Arms uses all stainless steel and inconel components on high pressure applications, stainless and aluminum on rimfire applications, and state-of-the-art spacer/baffle technology.

We warrantee our products against defects in materials and workmanship. All suppressors have a finite life which will vary based on the caliber, barrel length, and type of use, so we will make every effort to repair worn or damaged suppressors at a reasonable cost and preserve the serial numbered tube. We do not, however, offer lifetime free replacement on a worn suppressor. Rifles and rifle barrels will wear out after thousands of rounds spent, and suppressors are no different.

Our testing equipment for sound measurements includes the Larson-Davis 800B sound meter, with a 1/4″ microphone, one of only two meters approved by the US military for suppressor measurements, thus we can offer you real sound numbers, not just tell you how quiet we think it sounds. All testing is done to Mil-Std 1474D protocol. An Oehler 35P chronograph is used for bullet velocity measurement. If you don’t see db measurements on a particular gun or suppressor, don’t hesitate to contact us, as we improve our products frequently, and don’t necessarily have all numbers posted.

All suppressors are guaranteed to not have bullet baffle contact if we have the barrel or firearms to work with, and we hold tolerance to within .005″ of barrel bore with regard to parallelism, and concentricity.

A Lap MagCU-725Scope
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SRT Arms proudly provides firearm suppression for clients in Military, Government, and Civilian sectors nationwide.

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