Professional model  MkII, MkIII, or MkIV


 The Professional is available with 7.1", or 7.8" tube length, as measured from the front of the receiver. At around 116 db with Hi-Vel ammo, and 112 db with Remington subsonics, this is perfect for plinking or small animal control. Bullet velocity with remington Bukl pack 36 gr Golden Bullet is around 1050 FPS. Cyles most std vel and many subsonic ammos also. You must supplya Ruger MkII, Ruger MkIII, or Ruger MkIV for us to suppress


Mk3 Mod.0 Ruger Mk III


 Developed for the US Governement, this 6.9" tube length pistol was designed to shoot CCI 40gr MiniMag as quietly as possible. it will not cycle std vel or subsonics, it will cycle most Hi-Vel .22 LR ammos. Bullet velocity with CCI MiniMag is around 900 FPS at 114 db.

We will ONLY build this pistol on the Ruger 10103 5.5" stainless bull barrel MkIII you supply us.. See the GOVT model below if you have MkII, or MkIV.


GOVT Model


 Built identically internally to the Mk3, Mod. 0, this gun offers the same performance on the  customer supplied Ruger MkIV



 Browning Buckmark Pistols


 We can supply an integrally suppressed barrel only, or we can build this on your supplied Buckmark. The Camper model is preferred. Specs are the same as the Ruger Pro model, only the 7.1" tube length is available on the Buckmark.









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