77/44™ and TC Rifles

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  BISON Integrally Suppressed 77/44™ Ruger® Rifle Conversion

The 77/44™ is an excellent choice for serious animal control work at shorter ranges (Animal Control departments especially have found the gun excellent for dispatching wounded large game, and elimination of feral hogs and canines), and is an excellent choice for tactical or military use where heavy subsonic projectiles are needed at ranges that exceed the capability of a suppressed handgun. Engel Ballistic Research 265 grain JHP .44 magnum cased subsonic ammo at 1000 FPS is available online for serious work, or handload 185 gr or 210 gr plinking loads for quiet casual target shooting. As an example of how quiet it is, you could set up a range in your basement (where the law allows), and no one upstairs will hear a thing when you are shooting.
This is the quietest 77/44 currently available that we know of, and has higher bullet velocities, and thus better terminal ballistics than any of our competition. The tensioned barrel design, as is used in all of our integral guns, offers superior accuracy when used with properly loaded .44 magnum 265 and 270 grain Subsonic ammo. Typical bullet velocity is 90%+ of a similar round fired from an unsupressed Ruger® 77/44, and is higher than competitor’s models.
Please note: We will not supply host rifles unless you are a Government entity, but we will suppress any 77/44 you send us. Ruger® is currently  producing these rifles as of  mid 2017. They can be obtained new, or used from your local dealer, Gun Broker and similar sites.

Thompson Center Encore

    Also, as an alternative, may we suggest that you consider a .45 ACP AR-15, or T/C Encore in .44 or .45LC Bison. If you already have an AR-15, .45 ACP uppers are readily available, and we will integrally suppress the upper for you. Same 120 db or less sound signature. TCEncore
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