Manufacturing Suppressors and Suppressed firearms


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Contact info:

Ph: 928-567-2588

E-mail: dhmelton@cox .net or

Mailing and shipping address:

SRT Arms

522 Finnie Flat Road

Ste E, #138

Camp Verde, AZ 86322



Our products include:

Titanium muzzle suppressors in .223, .224, 6MM, 6.5MM, 7MM, .308, and .338 calibers

Stainless steel muzzle suppressors in .22LR, .223, .30, and .338 calibers

Aluminum muzzle suppressors in .22 LR

Intergally suppressed Ruger Mk, and Browning Buckmark pistols,

Integrally suppressed Ruger 77/44, 77/22, 1022, and Ruger American rifles

Integrally suppressed .223 and .30 cal bolt action rifles























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