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SRT Arms is the firearms division of Sound Research Technologies, which was formed with the goal of understanding, identifying, and reducing the ear damaging noise from industrial and firearms related high pressure sound pulses.

From this research, we are able to offer the best suppressors currently available on the market to you, the shooter. We strive to offer suppressors with sound reduction better than or equal to any of out competitors, yet still offer products that do not degrade accuracy, or bullet velocity.

NOTE: Although we are currently leaving published dB reading up throughout our site, we are evaluating this practice, as many competitors who have no access to the proper sound meter either use inferior equipment which provides inaccurately low suppressed dB readings, or they just make up numbers so their product appears to be better than someone else's product. All of our published dB numbers have been independently verified by third parties.

Note: There are  some so-called independent websites that claim to test suppressors. Take these sites with a grain of salt, as they may not use Mil-Std 1474D test protocol, and may be using the wrong testing equipment, and in many cases obtain the suppressors tested from private parties or competing manufacturers, without any regard to when the suppressor was manufacturered (In our industry, like many others, we continually make improvements in design). In some cases, the test results have been changed after the original  test results were posted, for whatever reason, and  in some cases produce   incorrect db readings that no one else in the industry can duplicate.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: People have asked us why we don't put up videos or .wav files on our website of our suppressors so they can listen to them. The reason is videos or .wav files of suppressed gunshots do not and cannot accurately capture the sound. Even the loudest suppressor, that is say 20 dB louder than the best one, will only sound a dB or two louder on a .wav file, thus misrepresenting the product, as the microphone and gain circuitry in video cams cannot capture the fast pulse of a suppressed gunshot.
By the time the suppressed gunshot is recorded, then played back over your computer, a  140 dB suppressor will come out of your speakers at say 76 dB or so, and a 120 db suppressor will come out of your speakers at about 75 dB at comparative volume settings, making mediocre products sound as good as the best.

Please look around this site. We have provided technical, legal, and product information that should answer most of your questions.

Note: SRT Arms, Shadow, Hurricane, Typhoon, Apache, Comanche, Cheyenne, and Matrix are all trademarks of D.H. Melton Co., Inc., and they may not be used without our express written permission.

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