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Integral 10/22 rifle

Integral 10/22 rifle

Note: we also can integrally suppress the Savage MK II, CZ 455 and some Marlin rifles. We also Integrally suppress the 10/22 Takedown, with fully ported barrel, and Ruger AMERICAN bolt action.

The 10/22 and 77/22 are available in both bright finish stainless steel, and black Cerakoted version on black receiver rifles. All suppressor tubes are corrosion resistant 304 stainless either way, and won’t dent easily like aluminum tubes will. You have two choices of tube/barrel lengths: 22″ overall, and 16″ overall. Suppressor tubes are 1″ OD.

Suppression and bullet velocities are approximately the same on all barrel lengths, the only difference is the suppressor tube is removable on the 22″ version, as the barrel itself is still above the legal minimum length of 16″. The 22″ over all length completely disassembles for user service including baffle removal, the 16″ does not, so as to keep legal minimum length. Removable baffles are optional on the 16″ LOA version. The 16″ version has a stainless tube with 7075 aluminum baffles, the 22″ long version is 100% stainless steel. The 10/22 will cycle most ammo*, and all guns provide higher bullet velocities than our competitors, at equal or better sound reduction. Our 10/22 and 77/22 is the choice of several government agencies for work where accuracy, quietness, and bullet velocity is critically important.

77/22 Rifle

77/22 Rifle

The tensioned barrel design we use on all our guns insures maximum accuracy. We don’t believe in doing things half way, in addition to porting the barrel on your gun, we modify the internal action to make your gun quiet and reliable even with most subsonics and standard velocity ammo. We even supply a polymer buffer. Our rifles will cycle most subsonics, ask if the other companies integral will.

Note: We do not sell integral barrels only, as we want your rifle to be both quiet, and reliable, with just about any commercial ammo. Some companies sell “integral barrels only”; these have problems cycling some ammo or run some ammo supersonic, as we have found it necessary to modify the action on 10/22 guns to make them reliable with a wide variety of ammo, and not have to use special ammo to either make the gun cycle reliably, even when dirty, or keep the bullets subsonic. You can’t have reliability with most all ammo AND keep all ammo subsonic without action modifcation. In addition, the sliding removable outer tube on some competing suppresors, that removes to expose a one piece core baffle , have bad tendencies to become non-removable when dirty, and you are then saddled with a permanently sealed, “user servicable” suppressor. Our 22″ version has baffles that can be removed even when filthy dirty, and you never have to worry about the outer tube becoming fused to the core.

10/22 Takedown rifle

10/22 Takedown rifle

As a rule of thumb, we suggest that if you shoot 500 rounds per year, a cleanable unit is not required, if you shoot 500 rounds per month, you should go with the longer version, or at least go with the shorter version with the optional removable baffles.

Typical bullet velocities for both the 77/22 and 10/22 and Ruger American:

  • Remington 550 Bulk Pack Golden bullet: 1020 FPS
  • Winchester 555 rd bulk pack HP: 1050 FPS
  • CCI Std Vel Green tag: 900 FPS
  • Remington subsonic: 810 FPS

Iron sights are an option on all three guns if you do not wish to use a scope. We recommend you upgrade to a Hogue synthetic rubber stock on the 10/22 as this stock helps absorb action noise from the bolt cycling. We are able to offer this stock at a substantial discount from regular wholesale prices.

Browning  Takedown .22 rifle

Browning Takedown .22 rifle

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